Beloved companion aftercare (aka pet preservation) is one of the primary sources I offer since becoming licensed in taxidermy in 2010.  My aim is to work with the client to achieve their vision on how to best honor and preserve their companion.  Below is a list of basic aftercare services and prices for a range of animals.  Please note- I've had some very unconventional requests so please don't hesitate to share your ideas and request a custom quote.

When the time comes to bid farewell to your loved one, we will then coordinate a drop off to my studio in Elkins Park.  In some cases I can pick up and occasionally shipping can be arranged.  Just ask.

Processing will then commence, and an invoice sent shortly thereafter.  A 50% deposit is usually required but I understand that in many cases this is an unexpected expense and am happy to work out payment plans.

Skull Cleaning (skull & jaw extraction, cleaning and whitening):

rabbit/small mammal: $380

cat/small dog: $430

medium dog: $480

large dog (over 70 lbs):$530

Full Skeletal Cleaning and Preservation (complete extraction of all bones, fleshing, cleaning and whitening*)

rabbit/small mammal: $1000

cat/small dog: $1500

medium dog: $1800

large dog (over 60 lbs):$2000

*this is not articulation; please contact me for a custom quote is you are seeking that service

Hides (processing, tanning and stretching of skin/fur/hide*)

rabbit: $300-400

cat/small dog (up to 20 pounds):$400-$500

med dog (20-60 pounds): $500-$600

large dog (60 pounds and up): $600-$900

*final price will reflect type of hide "cut", ie if facial components, paws, etc are included

Paw Charms (includes hardware and can be wrist length, elbow length or in between)


Tail Charms (includes hardware and soft, pliable garment quality tanned hide)


Trophy Mount (head & partial bust mounted on a plaque)

$800 & up

Full Mount (traditional/stiff, soft, and poseable options available)

rabbit/small mammal:$1000-$2000

cat/small dog: $2400-$4000 

dog (medium): $3000-$5000

dog (large): $4500-$9000


I work with a local crematory and charge a 5% service fee for the handling and coordinating of this service ($15-$20)

*Remains are free for client to pick up and do with what they wish