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About Beth Beverly

I am a State and Federally licensed taxidermist who graduated from the Pocono Institute of Taxidermy in 2010 with high marks. I have a deep respect for this craft and those who strive to preserve it.

It is my pleasure to work on any trophy mount, be it a shoulder, life-size, rug, or fish.

I accept custom orders for fantasy mounts, wearables, and bridal hair pieces.

Sculptural mounts and hats are available for rental provided they are in stock at time of inquiry.

Contact me describing your wish and I will be delighted to make it so.

Diamond Tooth Taxidermy Blog:

"OK, who wants to snap the neck?" "ME!"

Last Saturday I hosted my first of two Philly Side Tour workshops and my rag team team of guests/students had a blast with me.  The group comprised of a decent range of backgrounds, from scultptrs to art students and cartoonists and a chef.

 I start each demo as I would skinning a specimen alone in my studio- with a blessing and ceremonial thank you to the animal, and a promise to do my best to honor its spirit.  Here I am burning sage and doing just that:

Onto the skinning.  My crew was eager to be hands-on, so I would show a little step here and there, then pass the bird around for them to take turns with various parts.  Some excelled in the peeling parts, others demonstrated fleshing quite masterfully, while one gal in particular had a flare for snapping the neck.  Turns out she was a mortuary student, go figure.

After skinning has been demonstrated and practiced, we move onto mounting.  Here is the specimen I had set aside for this workshop, a nice tanned white chicken. 

We took turns tumbling and blowing him dry before I showed them how to properly wire a form and the chicken to it. 

 After that we all washed our paws and headed in to the main room where I do all my real work.  I showed them what I was working on, projects on deck etc.  Like cow and goat skins in a pickle!

 After that everyone tried on hats and hung out for a bit, discussing this and that.  I have to say, an unexpected and much loved byproduct of my craft is the wide array of characters I get to meet.  I honestly have no idea where else I could connect with so many different and wonderful type of people at once.

The next workshops is on Saturday, July 13.  Some spots remain, reserve yours now for an unusually delightful afternoon!
Discover the Bygone Art of Taxidermy at an Artist's Workshop

I got your HANDS ON experience right here:

As I've mentioned here before, I'm getting more involved with workshops and group engagement in terms of taxidermy.  What has been a deligthfully solitary craft for me all these years is slowly morphing into a social experience as more people gain interest in this practice.  I've actually just finished my first week of private tutelage with a  talented and creative young man who completed his first pheasant mount from scratch under my watchful eye. 
It's exciting to see how may people want to peek behind the curtain and see what taxidermy is all about.  In Brooklyn, the Morbid Anatomy Library hosts a slew of various workshops and educational events ranging from how to mount your own squirrel to setting up your own beetle diorama.  I can now list my own specialty among the roster: How to create wearable taxidermy.
Here's a full description of the workshop:


Wearable Taxidermy Workshop by Beth Beverly
Date: Saturday, July 27
Time: 12  6:30 PM
Price: $150
RSVP Email: diamondtoothtaxidermist(at)gmail.com
This class is part of The Morbid Anatomy Art Academy

Students will be provided with pre-skinned and tanned chicken hide elements (wings, tails, heads, etc) along with millinery hardware and all the glues, threads, chain, and miscellaneous decorative elements to create a one of a kind custom taxidermy headpiece.
Starting with the malleable hide parts, students will be instructed on how to manipulate, fill and and position the feathered sections while anchoring them to the metal hardware using foam mannequin heads (provided) for stability. Millinery accents like netting, crinoline, jewels and metal embellishments can then be added to complete the students' own personal design, finishing off the workshop with instruction on lining the inside and adding a personalized garment tag.
Students will leave with their new wearable piece of fashion taxidermy, along with printed out lesson sheets and sourcing info so that they may employ these new skills for life.

I've already got 6 full birds skinned, tanned and ready to head up to NY next month; I'm using my best and brightest specimen because I truly want to create a dazzling workshop for my students and make sure they take home something truly beautiful.  I even had a Polish Hen ( I rarely get those) but got greedy and decided to keep that one for myself.  Here is a hint at some of the colors/textures I'm offering that aren't Polish hens:

 A nice assortment, and I've still got loads more!  In fact, I'll be going up to the farm to collect some freezer treats from the boys at The Farmer's Husband early next month so who knows what stunning pieces I'll have!

I'm looking forward to this workshop and meeting the folks who are as enthusiastic as me over wearable bio art. I'm also eager to see what other creative minds come up with, left to their own devices.  There's still a few spots left if you are in or near Brooklyn on July 27 and would like your own custom made for you by you piece of wearable taxidermy!  Just email me through my website or go to Brown Paper Tickets to secure your place in class.

MAKE IT A DATE: Chicken Mouning Demo with MOI at Diamond Tooth HQ!

On the heels of my delightful and engaging presentation at the Wagner Institute, I've started offering live demonstrations in the more intimate setting of my studio.  If you're curious about taxidermy and would like to see it up close and personal, executed by a licensed professional who is more than happy to answer any and every one of your questions- then VOILA! Both dates are on Saturdays, the first being June 29 and the second on July 13.
These workshops are hosted through a company called Side Tours; they assemble a calender of unconventional experiences for anyone enthusiastic about getting to know more about what Philly has to offer.  Directly from their site:

Discover the Bygone Art of Taxidermy at an Artist's Workshop

Witness an enthralling demonstration of preserving and mounting a chicken before trying out the process yourself.

Discover the Bygone Art of Taxidermy at an Artist's Workshop
  • Beth Beverly is an artist, fashion designer and licensed taxidermist
  • Watch as Beth demonstrates how to properly prepare and mount a chicken, then try it yourself
  • Push your boundaries and challenge your perceptions of death in a lively interactive environment
An important ritual in ancient Egypt and the Middle Ages, the real golden age of taxidermy came during the Victorian Era, when it was all the rage in interior design. The fashion eventually faded, but as with most fashions, it has recently experienced a big revival.
Beth Beverly is the proud proprietor of Diamond Tooth Taxidermy. An artist and fashion designer, Beth found her calling in the form of sculptural and wearable taxidermy. Since then, she has become a licensed taxidermist and was featured on AMC's Immortalized, a reality show about rogue taxidermists and their colorful creations.
Join Beth in her warehouse studio for an interactive demonstration in the art of preservation, as you watch her prepare and mount a recently deceased chicken, creating a wonderful (and wonderfully odd) piece of home decor in the process. After Beth shows you the ropes, you’re encouraged to take the wheel, tumbling the hide, blowing the specimen dry and preparing the animal for tanning. Afterwards, try on some of the incredible, wearable animal creations made by Beth and pose for pictures. Grab a feather on your way out, as a memento of your fashionable new skill.
Host photo credit: Ben Leuner for AMC

Meet the Host

Beth Beverly - Taxidermy Artist

Beth Beverly

Taxidermy Artist
Beth Beverly's fascination with the lost art of taxidermy began soon after she started incorporating animal fibers into her work as a fashion designer. When she happened upon a dead bird on the city sidewalk, it felt only natural for Beth to pick it up. A decade later, Beth is a fully licensed...
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I hope you can make it!  And if you know anyone who may be interested, sign them up!
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