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About Beth Beverly

I am a State and Federally licensed taxidermist who graduated from the Pocono Institute of Taxidermy in 2010 with high marks. I have a deep respect for this craft and those who strive to preserve it.

It is my pleasure to work on any trophy mount, be it a shoulder, life-size, rug, or fish.

I accept custom orders for fantasy mounts, wearables, and bridal hair pieces.

Sculptural mounts and hats are available for rental provided they are in stock at time of inquiry.

Contact me describing your wish and I will be delighted to make it so.

Diamond Tooth Taxidermy Blog:

"Depends on your will to live."

Snow day!  School was cancelled and I had an entire day to lounge about, watch movies, play arts&crafts, cuddle with the cats, and stuff my face with Bailys & coffee.  And cheese.  And pistachios.

I attempted to go out sledding but the snow was falling so heavy that the work to fun ratio wasn't anywhere near being in my favor so I gave up and hung inside by the fire.

The loneliness feels overwhelming sometimes, being so completely isolated.

I was getting my yoga on in front of the wood-burning stove though and looking around, and I noticed how much of the art on display at this cabin was created by people I know and care about.  I took comfort in that, and hunkered down to about 8 more episodes of "Honey West".  I took a break at one point and watched "Powder Blue" which my friend had lent to me mainly for this scene (My apologies in advance for the poor vid with dumb commentary; it's hard to find a decent one of this part):

It's really beautiful, and I'd never heard the song (the first one) before but now I need it in my collection (the second one is an old fave though).  Despite all the hate I read on Jessica Biel, I think she's a good actress. And she has a face that I could look at for days.  I think she's one of the most gorgeous people I've ever seen.  Honestly, though, she could be a little more graceful.  Dare I say, I think with the right training I could do better.

Yes, I dare.

Day Three

Today I finished my pheasant mount from yesterday; it is an open mount which means flying/wings spread.  I am quite pleased with the results, and take comfort in that the foundation of success in a craft such as this lies in taking the right steps in the right order.

The weather is the #1 topic of conversation around here; hunting being #2, and sometimes the two are mashed together.  Everyone talks about how cold it is but honestly I haven't found myself chilly at all.  Not like down in Philly, anyway.  Perhaps it's because I am in a house with adequate heating and the only time I'm really outside is to walk the ten steps to my heated car.  No biking in the harsh Philly winds for me!  I fear I'll get soft, but at least I've got my hoop to work out on and keep me somewhat conditioned.  It is cold out in the barn, but since I'm moving  I really don't feel it.  Plus I'm layered to the nines.  Every morning I usually put on at least two pairs of tights, thigh-hi socks, leg warmers, and steel-toed knee-hi combat boots.  I won't even go into the entire operation that is dressing the top half of me.

I am trying to wrap my head around the political views of the people I've met up here; I prefer to stay mum and keep an open ear before I form an opinion.  All I know is that I get confused when they talk about how much they miss Bush being in office, yet get really heated when the subject of global warming comes up: "these guys said there's no such thing, heh.  Look around!  The evidence is everywhere!  Idiots."  Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it the Bush administration that paid scientists to deny the existance of global warming?  Seriously, correct me if I'm wrong because I keep myself in a bubble and could be completely misinformed on this stuff.

I practiced on my hoop today and realised that leaving a metal ring in a below-freezing environment overmight not does not an ideal practice condition make.  I had to wear my gloves for the first twenty minutes which made gripping quite a challenge.  By the time I had warmed it up enough to be able to touch with bare hands, iI only had about 5 minutes of light left before it was pitch black.  The novelty of spinning upside down in the dark wore off quickly.  Tonight the hoop stays indoors with me.

Right now I am watching "Vanity Fair" and drinking a white russian.  I relate to this Becky Strong character; maybe it's the vodka talking but I feel I have the ability to adapt to any situation I'm thrown in and thrive .  I wouldn't call myself a social climber but I also wouldn't shy away form the term opportunist.
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