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About Beth Beverly

I am a State and Federally licensed taxidermist who graduated from the Pocono Institute of Taxidermy in 2010 with high marks. I have a deep respect for this craft and those who strive to preserve it.

It is my pleasure to work on any trophy mount, be it a shoulder, life-size, rug, or fish.

I accept custom orders for fantasy mounts, wearables, and bridal hair pieces.

Sculptural mounts and hats are available for rental provided they are in stock at time of inquiry.

Contact me describing your wish and I will be delighted to make it so.

Diamond Tooth Taxidermy Blog:

A Most Unusual Commission

I recently sent some pieces to Hendricks Gin as environmental decor for one of their many famed Wondrous Affairs.  This one took place in Chicago and while I have yet to find photo documentation of my pieces in action, I trust the entire presentation was nothing short of tremendous.  I've had a friendship with Hendricks for some time, in fact one of my favorite interviews was with their blog back in 2012. Last November a few of their most stylish associates paid me the honor of renting some couture wearables for a Masquerade.
This time around they ordered a few wall mounts and my signature Goat Hoof Candle Holders, but the whopper was a commissioned luminary goat hide rug.  I hustled to get source the parts and get her produced in time, and here's the result:

I scored a hide from Alaska of all places, this specimen was once the beloved pet goat of a local animal control officer.  I'm so touched that she's gone on to live a shiny new jet setting life!

I found the lamp components from Mid Century Furniture, just down the road from my studio, which happened to be open to the public and completely empty of people on the day I needed to find these parts the most.  I didn't like the shade so I made a new one from some leather hide that I also used to line the bottom.  If you look closely you can see the branding:

I was compelled to embellish her, so voila: Pearls (genuine, to boot!), hair extensions and ostrich feathers.

Can't you just picture sitting in a rocking chair with a gin gimlet reading your favorite pen pal letter under the light of this lady?

So that's my latest luminary rug piece; hopefully photos from the event aren't far behind!

Shine on, Belinda.

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