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About Beth Beverly

I am a State and Federally licensed taxidermist who graduated from the Pocono Institute of Taxidermy in 2010 with high marks. I have a deep respect for this craft and those who strive to preserve it.

It is my pleasure to work on any trophy mount, be it a shoulder, life-size, rug, or fish.

I accept custom orders for fantasy mounts, wearables, and bridal hair pieces.

Sculptural mounts and hats are available for rental provided they are in stock at time of inquiry.

Contact me describing your wish and I will be delighted to make it so.

Diamond Tooth Taxidermy Blog:

Without you, I'm nothing.


My hands are the one part of my body of which my opinion will never be swayed by  magazine photo or trend. No matter how many chipped nails or cuts, my hands, to me, are the most beautiful part of my body.  Every day I thank each nimble little finger for all it does.  Just the sound of them typing right now brings me pleasure.

There are times when I'm doing super fine, detailed work, and I need to steady my hands because they tremble a little.  This could be the caffeine, or it could be a sign of looming hereditary issues on the horizon.  Whatever it is, I felt inspired to make a public declaration of my undying love for the best tools I could wish for, while they are in their prime.

People say that you don't know what you've got until its gone and I couldn't disagree more.  I can't think of one day that's gone by without me marveling at how fucking awesome it is to have eyes that see and hands that do what I tell them to, with grace and panache. Sight and touch are easily in the top five list of things for which I am most grateful.  So thank you hands, and thank you eyes, for making it possible to do what I was born to do.  I promise to take care of you as long as you take care of me.
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