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About Beth Beverly

I am a State and Federally licensed taxidermist who graduated from the Pocono Institute of Taxidermy in 2010 with high marks. I have a deep respect for this craft and those who strive to preserve it.

It is my pleasure to work on any trophy mount, be it a shoulder, life-size, rug, or fish.

I accept custom orders for fantasy mounts, wearables, and bridal hair pieces.

Sculptural mounts and hats are available for rental provided they are in stock at time of inquiry.

Contact me describing your wish and I will be delighted to make it so.

Diamond Tooth Taxidermy Blog:

Eye Candy

I was quite fortunate the other day to receive a disc in the post from a recent test shoot by photographer Jenna Stamm.  I provided a hat for one of the looks and I just adore the final product!  I very much enjoy seeing how other people style and wear my pieces; it inspires me to keep creating wearables so that every woman and man of substance can be adorned with a touch of Diamond Tooth.

These images are all very similar but I loved each of them too much to pick just one.

The hat may look familiar; it's one of my absolute favorites.  Coincidentally, it was almost exactly a year ago the materials for this piece were sourced.

Sitting Pretty

On a positive note, I successfully finished mounting one of two Starlings for a custom order today.  It gives me great satisfaction to emerge on the successful side of a challenge like this.  Dying them was an adventure unto itself and getting the feathers to lay correctly while mounting (post-coloring) was tricky.  I had to make my own forms because mannekins simply aren't available in this size; but any purist in the industry chooses to make their own bodies anyway.

This is number one, carded and setting.  It's hard to see the eyes but I'll get a better picture after I remove the plastic and touch up the face.

This is my first custom order as a licensed taxidermist.  I feel like I should frame the cash that I'll receive as payment and hang it on my wall.  Maybe I'll photocopy it.
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